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Horoscopes!!! (August)

January- You get a letter from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.


February- A black cat crosses your path on your BIRTHDAY!!!


March- You find a four-leaf-clover.


April- The Easter Bunny skips your house.


May- Your crush talks to you for the first time!!!


June- You raise a baby dragon that you name Norbert.


July- You come across a dancing leprachaun with a pot of gold in one hand and a pig in the other.


August- You have the best birthday of your life!!!


September- You have a bad hair day on your birthday.


October- A scarcrow does a funny dance before your eyes!


November- The sorting hat sorts you into Ravenclaw.


December- You befriend a polar bear.

(results may vary)

Horoscopes!!! (July)

January-  You will come across a talking frog... thinking he's your prince Charming, you kiss him, only to see you were sadly mistaken... you run away from the rat you just kissed.


Febuary-  You find a rocking new phone on the street and pick it up... you try to find a number you can call, to return the phone, there is none, and there is no personal info to recognize the Person... so you take it with you.  Two hours later, Your favorite celebrity calls and asks who has his/her phone... you reply with your name and address. In 30 minutes he/she's on your front porch, with a big wad of money.  You don't exept the money, so they give you 7 free concert/backstage tickets and says he/she can't wait to see you there.  :P {lol}


March-  A Bunny with a pocketwatch comes running past you murmmering "I'm Late!" and you follow him down a rabbit hole into another world.


April-   A Rainbow unicorn crosses your path.  Good luck, or Bad luck???


May-  While you are out camping in the woods, you wake up next to a bear...


June-  Your Mom makes meatloaf for dinner at your slumber party and nobody finishes it.  That means ... ugh... leftovers tomorrow night.


July-  Your Birthday cake is a yard long!!!


August-  You fall and hit your head, and fall asleep for 100 years... you suddenly wake up after a kiss from Prince Charming.


September-  You see a flying pig in the air on your way to school.


October-  You grow A prize-winning-watermelon


November-  You take in a homeless puppy on your birthday!!!


December-  You dance with a talking snowman named Frosty.

(results may vary)

Recommended books:


Good for people who like

excitement, fantasy, and most of

all, magic!


-Black Beauty~

Good for animal-loving people,

who wants to see a horse's point

of view instead of a person's.


-A series of unfortunate events

books 1-3~

Good for people who like to hear

about other people's misfortune,

and how they solve their problems.


-Hunger Games~

For anyone who likes Romance,

Action, and Breath-Taking Movies.